How often would you clean your windows? It is really an easily avoidable job, as they can be dull and time consuming and doesn't possess a direct impact on the hygiene with the rest of the house, but it is also a job we should perhaps be more conscious of. Washing your windows with the right cleaning supplies can instantly brighten up your entire home, specifically if you have large French windows or sky-scraper style floor to ceiling glass walls. We have collected some handy strategies for finding and using the right solutions to get windows that allow your house to sparkle on a sunny day. 

Various different cleaning supplies have been developed to wash down glass windows and mirrors without leaving streaks or other marks, but be careful to use these cleaning supplies only about the glass surface. Quickly make dry any drips that fall onto woodwork and floors to avoid damage to paint or varnish finishes. 
Use cleaning supplies made to be extendible and flexible for the best results with high or difficult to reach windows. Generally in most domestic applications you need to be able to wash your windows using a pole around a metre and a half, for higher windows you may want to call in the pros. 

Your essential cleaning supplies for out of doors windows are a soft cloth pad along with a squeegee. With the right maintenance products you can get gleaming, streak free windows only using water no corrosive chemicals. 

Tools to prevent are paper towel, newspaper and whatever is too small for the position, such as a minuscule squeegee or even a small bottle of multi-purpose spray that you have to repeatedly connect with the glass. By using the right cleaning supplies it is possible to work far more efficiently to get the job done much sooner. 

Remember the window treatments when you are doing your regular spring maintenance. Basically we all know that the glass of one's windows needs to be washed to permit the light through, most of us forget to wash down the fly screens, window tracks, and curtains which are essential to framing your view. Use cleaning supplies for instance a vacuum along with a bucket of warm water and soap to wash down your fly screens. 
For the absolutely best results with your window washing, pick the highest quality cleaning supplies, including lint-free microfibre cloths along with a professional grade stainless-steel squeegee. You should also pick once you wash your windows carefully. Avoid washing your windows on bright sunshine as sunlight will dry the glass too rapidly, causing streaks to look.