Since gazebos are placed outside, they are always exposed to rain, sunlight, and other elements that nature has. Gazebos are nice to look and a nice destination to go to. But as time flies, its beautiful appearance starts to fade, especially if they don’t receive any maintenance. Even with regular maintenance, it still accumulates dirt, grime, dust, and other unwanted elements. Cleaning the gazebo does not require heavy scrubbing, and high pressure cleaning Sydney knows that. That’s why they reinforce cleaning techniques that are eco-friendly and at the same time does not damage the materials that the gazebo is made up of.

Some people may want to use their own techniques in cleaning their gazebos. But for beginners who don’t have any clue at all what to do, here’s one method you could try at home. But before anything else, gather all your weapons before you engage into war. Get yourself a mild detergent, soft haired broom, sponges, buckets, soft towels or cloths, and a garden hose. A pressure washer set at just the right amount of pressure is highly effective in cleaning outdoors, but in this case, a garden hose will do just fine.

Now that you got everything you need, here are the steps that you need to follow. First, add warm water and mild detergent to the bucket and mix it until it becomes soapy. Using detergents with strong solutions will cause the appearance of the materials to fade or be damaged.

Dip the soft broom onto the bucket and use it to soak the entire canopy. When it’s all soaked up, scrub it gently. Applying too much pressure when scrubbing will damage the surface. Make sure to hit every edge and corner.

When all the dirt is gone, simple rinse the whole thing by pointing the hose at the areas where you scrubbed, starting from top to bottom.

After washing, tap dry its surface and let it air-dry or sun-dry.

Hire the services of high pressure cleaning Sydney because they know exactly what kind of technique is needed for every material. Pressure washers are a very effective tool in cleaning specially outdoors. But if it’s not used properly and the pressure is not controlled, it will either damage the material or not have any effect at all.

*Regular maintenance of the gazebo will prevent dirt build-up from becoming too thick. Remove them right away as you see them before they become a burden to you and your gazebo.